Worker From Philippines Commit Suicide At Kuwait

Worker From Philippines Commit Suicide At Kuwait On this occasion we will provide several articles that are related to the discussion of Suicide OF Philippines Workers in Kuwait. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review about Workers from the Philippines Commit Suicide Kuwait

Reported by the BBC, the suspension policy was taken on Friday (01/19/2018) or the day after President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that the treatment of abusive employers in the Gulf country had resulted in four domestic servants to commit suicide.

Duterte further said that he knew that many Filipino women who had experienced sexual harassment in the oil-rich country, and said “it can no longer be accepted”.

1. In early 2018, a Filipino worker in Kuwait named Marife Librada was found dead in his room
Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Khaled al-Jarallah, said he was “shocked and mourning” at Duterte’s remarks. While saying that legal proceedings have been taken in the case of the four domestic servants mentioned by the Philippine President.

“We have started direct contact with Philippine authorities to check the extent of this statement as well as to try to refute the wrong information contained in it,” Jarallah said.

Jarallah gave details that there were more than 170 thousand Filipino workers in Kuwait, and guaranteed that all were protected by anti-harassment laws.

2. There are more than 250 thousand Filipinos who make a living in Kuwait, most of them working as domestic helpers
The Philippines Secretary of Labor, Silvestre Belo, on the same occasion said there were still six or seven other cases under investigation. But he did not give further details or say when the case occurred.

Previously, unrest arose when the body of a Filipino woman suspected of suicide was returned to her hometown. Reported by the Nikkei Asian Review, the family said that his body was found to be signs of sexual harassment and there were organs missing.

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According to the Philippine Foreign Ministry, there are more than 250 thousand Filipinos who make a living in Kuwait. Most are employed as domestic helpers and laborers.

3. Wages promise to keep foreign workers coming to the Middle East, but not a few who even get unpleasant treatment from their employers
They are among the 2.3 million Filipinos who are recorded working abroad. Besides Kuwait, other destination countries are United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The salary they send back to their families can reach more than US $ 2 billion (Rp. 26.6 trillion) each year.

It is their money that is considered one of the main economic drivers and makes the Philippines crowned the fastest growing country in the world.