Quality Check Control Of Foreign Labor Quality Check Control Of Foreign Labor On this occasion we will provide a number of articles relating to the discussion on Handling Uncontrolled Foreign Workers. Some of the articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to Handling Uncontrolled Foreign Workers. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review the Handling of Uncontrolled Foreign Workers

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for Construction and Infrastructure, Erwin Aksa, in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) at the Kadin Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (05/02/2018), the presence of foreign workers did not always have a bad impact.

1. How to work TKA fast
Erwin said that the Foreign Workers (TKA), especially from China, had a different way of working. One of them they have a fast performance and immediately carry out the execution. “The Chinese work fast. Even those without doing a feasibility study. They are also fast in carrying out executions and carrying out the work quickly, “he said.

2. Foreign workers are not manual laborers
Foreign workers imported to Indonesia are not from those who will fill in menial work. There are some jobs that require certain skills so they require TKA. “For example we need energy to justify the engine. We also need their energy to repair certain machines by them, “he said.

3. TKA with simple appearance
Another interesting thing that happened to workers from China is their appearance is almost the same. Even though they are both doctoral and master graduates, their appearance is simple.

Only his appearance is normal, “he said. President of the Indonesian Trade Union Association (ASPEK) Indonesia, Mirah Sumirat, said the presence of foreign workers would be positive if accompanied by clear and transparent regulations.

1. Foreign workers at the top level
Mirah said it would have a positive impact if workers brought in from China were those at the top level. “The problem is that all the top-level positions to the bottom are brought by everyone. Up to OB until the foreman was brought from abroad, “he said.

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2. TKA should be able to speak Indonesian
In some countries, if Indonesians want to work abroad, they must master the language in the destination country. But this rule does not apply to foreigners who will work in Indonesia. They are not required to speak Indonesian. ”The rules for foreign workers to speak Indonesian were abolished. They only took an Indonesian language course while in Indonesia, and that was not necessarily carried out. How can they know the culture to the rules if they cannot speak Indonesian, “he said.

3. The ratio of foreign workers 1:10
The rule that should be met by foreign workers is to apply a ratio of 1:10. Where every one of the foreign workers must be accompanied by 10 local workers. “This is necessary so that there is a process of transfer of technology and knowledge between foreign and local workers, but this rule is abolished.” he said.

England Refusing Uneducated Worker England Refusing Uneducated Worker On this occasion we will provide a number of articles relating to the discussion on the UK Rejecting Stupid Labor. Some articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to the UK Rejecting Stupid Labor

1. Cheap labor will end
According to the government, with this strict policy, the period when workers are paid cheaply to work in factories, hotels and restaurants will end. Meanwhile, industry and business owners accused London of trying to ravage the economy.

They warned the government of “very bad” consequences such as job losses and factory closures as a result of the policy. Politicians from the Labor Party and the Liberal Democrats criticized him. Health sector workers who are members of Unison rate it “gave birth to an absolute disaster in the health service sector”.

2. European Union citizens or not, migrants will be treated the same
The significance of the policy towards the European Union is also considered large. Because the Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed that EU citizens will get the same treatment as those who were not in the UK. This was implemented immediately after the EU and UK agreement ended on 31 December.

According to the new rules, educated workers are people who attend school up to A-level in the British or Scottish education system. The profession of servants and some types of work in agriculture will be eliminated from the educated category, but there are new additions namely carpenters, plasters and baby sitters.

For those who wish to work in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), are required to get at least 70 points earned, among others, from job offers by approved sponsors (20 points), English language skills (20 points) and has a PhD in relevant subjects. Minimum income is IDR 364 million per year.

3. The government defends itself by saying this policy is to encourage talented people
UK Home Secretary Priti Patel told the BBC Breakfast program that the government did this to “encourage people with the right talent” and “reduce the number of people coming to the UK with low levels of education”.

He also added that business owners could recruit employees of eight potential British workers who were “economically inactive”. The British government itself insists it will not open up other channels for workers with low education or those who are underpaid.

Britain has ordered business owners to “adapt” to end freedom of movement between Britain and the European Union. The government also argues that what they are doing now is realizing Brexit as requested by citizens during referendums and elections.

1. Photos released to mark the beginning of the decade
In the portrait, Queen Elizabeth is seen posing with a smile while carrying the handbag that she wore on several occasions. Standing behind him was Prince Charles who was his first successor.

Then, there is Prince William who is the first son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. Next to Queen Elizabeth is her grandson, Prince George, who is the first child of the couple Prince William and Kate Middleton. The uploaded photo marks the beginning of the decade.

2. The first formal photo since 2016
These four people are very rarely seen in a formal photo of the kingdom. The last time this happened was in 2016. It was the moment of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Prince George was also two years old and seemed to stand holding his father’s hand.

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Previously, to commemorate Christmas, Buckingham Palace had released photos of members of the royal family in a relaxed atmosphere. In that portrait, the moment that you want to be served is making cakes. Prince George was photographed in a state of stirring the dough.

3. Most likely the photo was taken at the same moment
If you pay attention to the clothes worn by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George, it can be assumed that the latest portrait released by the kingdom was taken at the same time as the photo before Christmas.

The photographer himself is Ranald Mackechnie. At another time, the kingdom also uploaded a photo of Queen Elizabeth sitting at a table containing photographs of her family, including her late father, King George VI.

The public also speculated that this seemed to indicate that Queen Elizabeth wanted to immediately abdicate the throne in the near future. While her husband has resigned from his duties as a companion to the Queen of England since 2017 for health reasons.

Contractor Workers From Government Contractor Workers From Government On this occasion we will provide a number of articles relating to the discussion of the Government Employee Workers With Work Agreements. Some of the articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to Government Employees with a Work Agreement. And on this occasion we will provide several articles discussing and reviewing the Government Employment Workers With Work Agreements

1. Multi level entry
Unlike civil servants who have to pursue careers from the lowest position, PPPK can enter through certain levels or even directly at the highest level in the position required by the organization according to the criteria for the position specified in the PP Management PPPK.

This is possible because of the multi-level entry scheme in the PPPK selection.

Positions that can be filled by PPPK include: Certain Main JPTs, and Certain Middle JPTs that are equivalent to echelons I / a and I / b, Certain Functional Positions at all levels of positions and other positions contained in the Public Service Agency and Regional Public Service Bodies such as new state universities and regional hospitals.

2. Earnings will be equivalent to civil servants
Unlike the honorary who get a small income until there is under the UMR, PPPK will get the same income as a civil servant if it fills the same position as a civil servant.

If a PPPK fills a position of middle-level teacher, the income to be obtained is relatively the same as that of a civil servant who occupies that position. So there will be no significant income gap between civil servants and PPPK for the same position.

The income component obtained by PPPK is regulated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

3. Get the same facilities as civil servants
In addition to the amount of income received, PPPK will also get the same facilities as civil servants, including: death benefits and work accident benefits. In addition, PPPK is also entitled to get an award if it can show good performance

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4. The application age limit is longer
If in the selection of CPNS the maximum age of application is determined to be 35 years and 40 years for certain positions, PPPK can apply for an ASN position with an application age limit of up to 1 year before the retirement age limit for the position being applied for.

For example: for functional positions of teachers whose age limit is 60 years, the application age limit to 59 years is less (including the time required for the selection process).

For applicants who pass the selection with the age of 59 years, the work contract will be given for 1 year until the relevant person enters the age limit of the position filled.

With the extension of the application age limit, people who cannot participate in the CPNS selection because they are over 35 years old can participate in the PPPK selection.

5. Can be contracted to the retirement age limit
The employment contract for PPPK is at least 1 year and can be extended according to the needs of the organization to the retirement age limit, taking into account the performance evaluation annually. If the performance is considered good, the work contract can be extended according to the needs of the organization.

Those are the 5 advantages of being a PPPK. Is anyone interested in serving the country through the PPPK channel? The first PPPK recruitment is planned to take place in the 4th week of January 2019, so be prepared for those who are interested in the list.