England Refusing Uneducated Worker England Refusing Uneducated Worker

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1. Cheap labor will end
According to the government, with this strict policy, the period when workers are paid cheaply to work in factories, hotels and restaurants will end. Meanwhile, industry and business owners accused London of trying to ravage the economy.

They warned the government of “very bad” consequences such as job losses and factory closures as a result of the policy. Politicians from the Labor Party and the Liberal Democrats criticized him. Health sector workers who are members of Unison rate it “gave birth to an absolute disaster in the health service sector”.

2. European Union citizens or not, migrants will be treated the same
The significance of the policy towards the European Union is also considered large. Because the Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed that EU citizens will get the same treatment as those who were not in the UK. This was implemented immediately after the EU and UK agreement ended on 31 December.

According to the new rules, educated workers are people who attend school up to A-level in the British or Scottish education system. The profession of servants and some types of work in agriculture will be eliminated from the educated category, but there are new additions namely carpenters, plasters and baby sitters.

For those who wish to work in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), are required to get at least 70 points earned, among others, from job offers by approved sponsors (20 points), English language skills (20 points) and has a PhD in relevant subjects. Minimum income is IDR 364 million per year.

3. The government defends itself by saying this policy is to encourage talented people
UK Home Secretary Priti Patel told the BBC Breakfast program that the government did this to “encourage people with the right talent” and “reduce the number of people coming to the UK with low levels of education”.

He also added that business owners could recruit employees of eight potential British workers who were “economically inactive”. The British government itself insists it will not open up other channels for workers with low education or those who are underpaid.

Britain has ordered business owners to “adapt” to end freedom of movement between Britain and the European Union. The government also argues that what they are doing now is realizing Brexit as requested by citizens during referendums and elections.

1. Photos released to mark the beginning of the decade
In the portrait, Queen Elizabeth is seen posing with a smile while carrying the handbag that she wore on several occasions. Standing behind him was Prince Charles who was his first successor.

Then, there is Prince William who is the first son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. Next to Queen Elizabeth is her grandson, Prince George, who is the first child of the couple Prince William and Kate Middleton. The uploaded photo marks the beginning of the decade.

2. The first formal photo since 2016
These four people are very rarely seen in a formal photo of the kingdom. The last time this happened was in 2016. It was the moment of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Prince George was also two years old and seemed to stand holding his father’s hand.

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Previously, to commemorate Christmas, Buckingham Palace had released photos of members of the royal family in a relaxed atmosphere. In that portrait, the moment that you want to be served is making cakes. Prince George was photographed in a state of stirring the dough.

3. Most likely the photo was taken at the same moment
If you pay attention to the clothes worn by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George, it can be assumed that the latest portrait released by the kingdom was taken at the same time as the photo before Christmas.

The photographer himself is Ranald Mackechnie. At another time, the kingdom also uploaded a photo of Queen Elizabeth sitting at a table containing photographs of her family, including her late father, King George VI.

The public also speculated that this seemed to indicate that Queen Elizabeth wanted to immediately abdicate the throne in the near future. While her husband has resigned from his duties as a companion to the Queen of England since 2017 for health reasons.

Maaruf Being Offended For Foreign Workers Case Maaruf Being Offended For Foreign Workers Case

hflabour.org.uk On this occasion we will provide several articles relating to the discussion of Maaruf Mentioned Regarding Foreign Workers. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review about Maaruf Touched on Foreign Workers

Candidate vice president number 02 Sandiaga Uno, criticized the new rules related to the requirements for foreign workers who want to work in Indonesia. The intended regulation is Presidential Regulation Number 20 Year 2018.

This regulation has indeed led to protests because it is suspected to be the culprit of a flood of labor from China into the country. Sandi said that the requirements for foreign workers in the regulation were made more relaxed. One of them is that foreign workers are not required to master Indonesian. “Meanwhile, if our workers work abroad, they must adapt and hone their skills as needed,” said Sandi.

So, in the question and answer session for the vice presidential debate that was held at the Sultan Hotel, South Jakarta on Sunday (17/3) night, Sandi asked Ma’ruf Amin, why did the government allow this? However, Maruf has denied the data held by Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno’s team.

“The number of TKA (Foreign Workers) in Indonesia is controlled, in accordance with existing regulations. The amount is below 0.01 percent. That is the lowest in the whole world, “said Ma’ruf. In fact, said the head of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), v because of domestic needs.” They occupy a position where there are no human resources at home. I think that’s the current policy, “he said.

Ma’ruf tried to dismiss the narrative made by Sandi as if foreign workers entering the country had taken over jobs for Indonesians. Meanwhile, according to Sandi, instead of opening up jobs for foreigners, they will empower the OCE OCE program to train workers in the country so that they can directly fill existing jobs.

In fact, Prabowo-Sandi, he said, would not give concessions to foreign workers. “We will ensure that they must be able to speak Indonesian. So, the standards are the same as our workforce when going abroad, “he said again.

The vice presidential debate program can also be watched live live on the IDN Times on your YouTube account / IDNTimes. The program, which began broadcasting at 19.35 West Indonesian Time, presented two speakers from both camps namely Lathifa Al Anshori from the National Campaign Team (TKN) Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin, Handi Risza from the National winning Agency (BPN) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, and social observers Devie Rahmawati.

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Candidate vice president number 01, Ma’ruf Amin, revealed that his programs were related to labor. In his statement, Ma’ruf also briefly mentioned the unicorn which was previously busy in the second debate. Initially, Ma’ruf said that the unemployment rate was decreasing and now relatively low.

“First, let us be thankful that our unemployment rate has now been very low between 5.30-5.13, the lowest for 20 years. We also want to encourage the workforce to be able to master technology, especially digital, “said Ma’ruf. Ma’ruf also explained about infrastructure development in the Jokowi era that succeeded in building the Palapa Ring.

“Especially the government has been able to build land, sea and sky infrastructure. Through the Palapa Ring so as to grow businesses such as start-ups and even Unicorns. Even now Decacorn. So the workforce must be prepared to be better prepared, “he said.

The third Presidential Election Debate only brought together two candidates, namely vice presidential candidates from the ranks 01 and 02. In this debate the theme of education, health, employment, social and culture will also be discussed. The third debate was held at Sultan Hotel, Central Jakarta, starting at 20:00 WIB.