Quality Check Control Of Foreign Labor

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for Construction and Infrastructure, Erwin Aksa, in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) at the Kadin Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (05/02/2018), the presence of foreign workers did not always have a bad impact.

1. How to work TKA fast
Erwin said that the Foreign Workers (TKA), especially from China, had a different way of working. One of them they have a fast performance and immediately carry out the execution. “The Chinese work fast. Even those without doing a feasibility study. They are also fast in carrying out executions and carrying out the work quickly, “he said.

2. Foreign workers are not manual laborers
Foreign workers imported to Indonesia are not from those who will fill in menial work. There are some jobs that require certain skills so they require TKA. “For example we need energy to justify the engine. We also need their energy to repair certain machines by them, “he said.

3. TKA with simple appearance
Another interesting thing that happened to workers from China is their appearance is almost the same. Even though they are both doctoral and master graduates, their appearance is simple.

Only his appearance is normal, “he said. President of the Indonesian Trade Union Association (ASPEK) Indonesia, Mirah Sumirat, said the presence of foreign workers would be positive if accompanied by clear and transparent regulations.

1. Foreign workers at the top level
Mirah said it would have a positive impact if workers brought in from China were those at the top level. “The problem is that all the top-level positions to the bottom are brought by everyone. Up to OB until the foreman was brought from abroad, “he said.

2. TKA should be able to speak Indonesian
In some countries, if Indonesians want to work abroad, they must master the language in the destination country. But this rule does not apply to foreigners who will work in Indonesia. They are not required to speak Indonesian. ”The rules for foreign workers to speak Indonesian were abolished. They only took an Indonesian language course while in Indonesia, and that was not necessarily carried out. How can they know the culture to the rules if they cannot speak Indonesian, “he said.

3. The ratio of foreign workers 1:10
The rule that should be met by foreign workers is to apply a ratio of 1:10. Where every one of the foreign workers must be accompanied by 10 local workers. “This is necessary so that there is a process of transfer of technology and knowledge between foreign and local workers, but this rule is abolished.” he said.