WeeWibu Can Worked In Reiwa Japan WeeWibu Can Worked In Reiwa Japan

hflabour.org.uk For you wibu scents of onions who like to watch women in rabbit clothes, now you can go to Japan. On this occasion we will give you several articles relating to the discussion about Wibu Can Work in Japan through Reiwa. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review the Wibu Can Work in Japan through Reiwa

1. Starting from the new policy of the Japanese government
Solihin told, the birth of the Reiwa Indonesia forum began with the Japanese government’s policy regarding the entry of workers in several fields which came into force since April 2019. In the new law, the Japanese government will extend foreign worker visas. Thus it is expected that more foreign workers will enter and take over tens of thousands of types of office jobs whose positions are vacant.

According to Solihin, countries supplying labor to Japan such as Myanmar, the Philippines, Cambodia and Magnolia were so aggressive in seeing this opportunity, even they had signed an MoU or signed an agreement. Unfortunately, IJB-Net sees that the Indonesian government is still calm seeing this opportunity. From there, this forum was born.

“Other countries have already entered in, this is an extraordinary potential, Indonesia is relatively small, you know, becoming a workforce in Japan,” he said.

2. The government is expected to immediately enter into an agreement
Chairperson of IJB-Net, Dr. Suyoto Rais, said that the forum was expected to be a bridge for as many Indonesian workers as possible to enter Japan. “We are less aggressive than other countries to supply workers in Japan,” he added.

The presence of this forum is expected to encourage all stakeholders in Indonesia to jointly take advantage of opportunities that have been opened wide by the Japanese government. “We just need to fill it, of course with good and professional preparedness and collaborating with all parties so that Indonesian workers can be accepted,” Suyoto said.

3. There is no target quota for this forum
Meanwhile, Solihin said there was no limit on how many people could join as members, only that there were a number of qualifications that had to be met, including:

Bachelor degree in related engineering or who has sufficient Japanese language skills (N2 and above), former Japanese interns (if you have related certification, can be without competency test), Indonesian citizens who have related field competencies need field competency tests and Japanese N4 and above.

For information, the additional Reiwa Indonesia will be a liaison for the entry of workers from Indonesia to Japan. At this Forum, members will get information, guidance and assistance as needed to be able to work in Japan.

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4. What does Reiwa mean?
Reina itself is the name of the era in Japan which began on May 1, 2019, one day after Emperor Akihito abdicated and when his son, Naruhito, would ascend the throne to become the 126th emperor of Japan.

Rei means rule, but it can also have beneficial meaning. While Wa means harmony. Based on this, Reiwa means that culture will be born and nurtured when people harmonize their hearts beautifully.

Coinciding with International Labor Day and the change of the Empire in Japan into the Reiwa era, the Indonesian Japanese Business Network (IJB-Net) launched a forum called Reiwa Indonesia today (1/5). IJB-Net Executive Director Solihin said that the program was actually aimed at increasing Indonesia’s human resources (HR).

“More and more Indonesian professionals in Japan are expected to have more knowledge, so there is a transfer of information that will be brought to Indonesia,” he said when confirmed by the IDN Times, Wednesday (1/5)