Main Problem Of Indonesian Labor

Main Problem Of Indonesian Labor On this occasion we will provide several articles relating to the discussion of the Main Problems of Labor in Indonesia. Some articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to the main problems of labor in Indonesia. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review the main problems of labor in Indonesia.

1. Low labor productivity
Fadhil said as much as 60 percent of Indonesian workers work in the informal sector such as and have an impact on Indonesia’s economic downturn. “Total productivity contributions from non-capital factors to economic growth are also low,” Fadhil said in Pejaten, Jakarta, Thursday (3/14).

2. Although many work, their level of education is minimal
The number of workers in Indonesia reached 131.55 million with absorption of 124.54 million or reaching 94 percent. Even though it is seen, a good problem arises because when viewed from the workforce, around 57 percent of Indonesian people who work have junior high school education and below.

Based on the 2018 national labor force survey (Sakernas) reported by Indef, 14.93 percent of workers came from those with less than elementary school education; 24.55 percent of elementary school graduates; and 17.98 percent of junior high school graduates.

“This figure is even more sad when seeing those who graduated from vocational high school, high school, even diplomas and universities get lower labor rates. Respectively 10.72 percent, 11.76 percent, 2.8 percent and 9.45 percent, “explained Fadhil.

3. Ability is not in accordance with what the world of work is asking for
Have you ever applied for a job but it turns out you have a lot of skills or abilities outside or didn’t you learn in college? This is the third problem of employment: labor supply is not in line with industry needs.

“Nowadays people who graduate from vocational or tertiary institutions when entering the labor market need a variety of training to improve their skills,” Fadhil said. Drive expects the business community to play a role in mobilizing education. “The workforce meets the needs of those who need the workforce, which happens to be supply driven. The government or the private sector which organizes the workforce should do demand drivers, “said Fadhil.

4. Where does the biggest unemployment come from?
In the discussion, Fadhil also explained from what level the unemployment was the most which reached a total of 7.01 million people. Referring to the 2018 Sakernas data, the most unemployed came from high school and vocational school by 28 and 25 percent. The highest unemployment rate is then followed by junior, elementary, university, elementary and diploma education, respectively 16 percent, 13 percent, 10 percent, 5 percent and 3 percent. “This is what causes problems in the productivity of our workforce,” said Fadhil .

“All you have to do is download the application via the device and just fill in the job vacancy application offered. Job application filling can also be done while playing to the mall, “said Head of the Workforce Placement Division in Bogor, Joko Sumarno, after receiving a comparative study group of work placements and work information on the Manpower and Transmigration Office of Bantul Regency in the Office of Manpower, Regency of Bogor, West Java, last Friday 1 March.

1. The Bogor Carrier Canter application was launched in mid-2019
According to him, the number of job seekers in Bogor Regency from SMK graduates reached around 33 thousand people. If only 50 percent want to work, then every year there are job requests reaching more than 15 thousand people.

“That’s just from the number of SMK graduates in Bogor reaching 330 schools, not yet added from D3 and S1 graduates who are also hunting for jobs,” he said.

Before the Bogor Carrier Center application is launched in April 2019, along with the job fair that takes place on 4-7 April 2019, the Bogor Carrier Center website will be launched first.

“In the Bogor Carrier Center application, all job market information and new job placements are limited to companies established in Bantul Regency, and have collaborated with the Bogor Regency Manpower Office,” he said.

2. Manpower offices can monitor job seekers’ failures and find solutions
Applicants who submit applications through the Bogor Carrier Center application, do not simply be released after filling the requirements, all of which have used a digital system. However, Manpower Office will also monitor the level to which applicants complete the stages that must be passed, until they are accepted as employees of a company.

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“For example, there are applicants who fail in the practical test phase, then the Manpower Office will direct applicants to attend training at the Manpower Training Center so that when applying again in the same position, the possibility of being accepted is greater,” he explained.

3. Don’t let the citizens of Bogor become spectators
Furthermore Joko said, the number of job fairs in Bogor was also very limited with the number of prospective applicants, so competition was very tight. Moreover, the minimum wage in the regency or UMK in Bogor Regency reaches Rp 3.4 million per month, affecting many job seekers from outside Bogor.

“Yes, if it is not anticipated the residents of Bogor Regency themselves will only be spectators, because they lose qualifications with job seekers from outside the area,” he said.

4. Have a description of the solution to employment problems in Bantul
The Head of the Work Placement, Work Expansion and Transmigration Division of the Bantnak Disnakertrans, Istirul Widalastuti said, one of the comparative studies was to find solutions to problems in Bantul Regency, which had been overcome by other governments such as the Bogor Regency Government.

“Of course, with the number of 3,000 companies that can accommodate millions of workers, they have more experience in dealing with labor problems and solutions, and we can learn lessons such as the Bogor Carrier Center application,” Istirul said.

To catch up with the Bogor District Government, it is not as easy as turning a hand, because to calculate the number of unemployed, the number of the workforce, the number of companies that provide jobs must coordinate with other agencies even outside the government.

“Now for applications such as the Bogor Carrier Center that can be accessed by a device, it is certainly a challenge for HR in the Department of Manpower and Transmigration,” he said.