Japanese Parents Still Work

Japanese Parents Still Work

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Even so, the grandparents did not consider age to be a barrier for him to be able to continue to live productively like a young child in general. The proof is that of the 65 million workers in the State of Sakura, 12% of them are parents.

Why in that old age do they not spend time with family and instead choose to continue to bear the burden of work outside? Here are 5 reasons.

1. Japan lacks manpower
The local government said, a quarter of the workforce in Japan is a group of people aged 55 years and over. They were hired because the Land of the Rising Sun lacked manpower.

To overcome this, many companies choose to employ retirees. Later, the Japanese Government made a policy to recruit young workers from abroad as a solution to the problem of labor that could potentially disrupt national economic growth.

2. Japanese parents work to stay healthy
In the latest survey conducted by the local government, 42% of community groups aged 55 years and over preferred to work until they were 70 or even 80 years old. They chose the decision for health reasons.

For them, work can slow down the potential for dementia or senility. Despite the fact, they only get a smaller salary than when they were young.

3. Financial problems
An increase in consumption tax to 10% in October 2019 adds to the high price of daily necessities in Japan. Of course that condition also affects parents.

Their worries are growing when they think of their future, who must live in a nursing home. Because to spend time with community groups his age there, they have to spend deeply.

4. Do not want to bother children and families
Being a burden on children and family in old age is a taboo that must be avoided. The grandparents in Japan would rather live alone at home rather than live with their children and small families.

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Therefore, do not be too surprised if news of the discovery of the bodies of parents who are known to have died weeks ago. That happens because many parents who live alone at home.

5. Uphold the value of life
The Japanese hold true values ​​of life or Ikigai. They consider life to be meaningful and not to be wasted. This philosophy of life continues to cling to the end of life.

Therefore, many grandparents in Japan who choose to undergo social activities, for example, volunteer for language education. Some choose to occupy themselves with their hobbies and hobbies.

So, young people do not want to be outdone by parents in Japan, yes: work, work, work.