Indonesians Human Resource Is Getting Deportation

Indonesians Human Resource Is Getting Deportation On this occasion we will provide several articles relating to the discussion on Foreign Workers in Indonesia. Many are in Deportation. Some articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to TKA in Indonesia. Many are in Deportation. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review about TKA in Indonesia Is in Deportation

1. Throughout 2017, the number of TKA reached 85 thousand people
Maruli said, throughout 2017, the number of TKA in Indonesia reached more than 85 thousand people.

“If we see that the data here is 85,974 for the total TKA like that huh,” said Maruli when confirmed in Jakarta, Saturday (5/19).

2. The number of foreign workers is increasing every year
Maruli denied that the government had been closed to the number of foreign workers in Indonesia. He also admitted that the number of foreign workers increased every year.

“In 2015 there were 77,149 people and in 2016 reached 80,375, this year, 85 thousand, like that. We are not closed, how come we are on the website, we can open all of them, “he said.

According to him, the highest increase in the number of foreign workers to Indonesia occurred in the service sector (52,633 people), industry (30,625 people), and in the agriculture and maritime sector (2,716 people).

3. 1,600 TKA have been deported
In addition, Maruli also did not deny that there were often foreign workers found who entered through illegal or illegal channels. The government, he said, did not remain silent and always took firm steps.

“It’s true we admit there is illegal. That’s what we uber. What is illegal is that we have been arrested from 2017 to 2018, there are 1,600, meaning that they do not comply with the rules of foreign workers. We are deporting the TKA, ”he explained.

4. Tightening supervision
Furthermore, he explained that his party was currently tightening and increasing supervision of foreign workers in a number of regions in Indonesia.

“The Minister ordered the mapping of areas where there were indeed many activities. For example, later in Morowali, where, in Kalimantan, it would definitely be denied. We have data but it can’t be leaked here. Our aim is not what we want, but in order to strengthen supervision and oversight mechanisms in the regions are also stretching like we are at the center, “he said.

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5. Form the TKA supervision task force
To facilitate the supervision of foreign workers, the Ministry of Manpower established the Task Force for Supervision of Foreign Workers by cooperating with 24 ministries and institutions.

“This task force will work within the next 6 months and after that will be evaluated on the existence of the role and function in the following periods. Work results and task implementation are reported once every three months or at any time if needed, “said Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri, during the launch of the TKA Oversight Task Force at the Ministry of Manpower, Thursday (5/17).

The TKA supervision task force chaired by the Director of Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Manpower, Iswandi, is tasked with carrying out the development, prevention, enforcement and enforcement of norms for the use of foreign workers according to the duties and functions of each ministry / institution.