Incoming Of 10 Milllion Chinese Workers

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo raised his voice about the problem of labor from China which is said to reach 10 million people in Indonesia. Is that right? When giving a speech at the Opening of Education of Ulama Cadre (PKU) XII, in Bogor, West Java, Wednesday (8/8), President Joko Widodo claimed to have heard the issue.

1. The number of workers from China is less than 10 million
Jokowi is too blunt. According to him, the total number of Chinese workers in Indonesia is only 23,000. That, too, continued the President, did not work continuously. “That is a turbine, a smelter. I checked. Indeed, we are not ready to do that, so they have to be here 3 months to 6 months to install this, “explained President Jokowi

2. Jokowi: compare with TKI in China
The president then asked all parties to compare with 80,000 Indonesians who work in China. In fact, he added, Indonesian workers (TKI) in Malaysia 1.2 million. When receiving PM Mahathir Mohammad’s visit, President Jokowi admitted that the problem of Indonesian migrant workers (TKI) in Malaysia was briefly alluded to.

“I say the way it is. Yes that has been happening for years, and I ask Mahathir for protection, legalization, protection so that everything becomes clear, “the President said. Although there are many legal and illegal Indonesian migrant workers there, the President continued, Malaysia is not noisy. The president also said that there are around 500 thousand legal workers in Saudi Arabia. “The illegal is more than that,” he added.

3. Comparison of foreign workers with residents
Not only that, Jokowi also compared the number of foreign workers in Indonesia with a population of only 0.03 percent. “Not even one percent. We have to convey the numbers so that the issue will not go anywhere, “he stressed.

President Jokowi compared with foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates who were all 80 percent foreign, and they were happy there were no problems. Likewise in Saudi Arabia 33 percent are foreign workers. The President emphasized that the government is trying to bring in investment, because one of its aims is to open up as many jobs as possible for the people, not for others.

This rule is reaping the pros and cons. Businessmen welcomed enthusiastically, while the workers (working class) tended to be negative and some even openly refused. The 6th President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) also took a vote in relation to the TKA polemic. He asked the government to explain clearly about this matter.

1. SBY questions the number of foreign workers in Indonesia
SBY in the presence of scholars, umaro, and community leaders in the series of the Tour de Banten at The Royal Krakatau Hotel, Banten, questioned the news about the invasion of foreign workers (TKA) who entered Indonesia. straightforward, transparent, honest. Actually, how many foreign workers are there, how many tens of thousands, or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands? We don’t know, “said SBY in his written statement on Monday (4/23).

2. Exchange of Foreign Workers is common
SBY said, it is common for the exchange of skilled workers between Indonesia and neighboring countries, if the two parties need each other. “The exchange of expert labor between Indonesia and neighboring countries is indeed common, if mutual need. The cooperation is regulated in ASEAN Laws, “said SBY.

3. Dangerous if TKA comes massively
According to SBY, what is dangerous is if there is a massive foreign worker entering Indonesia, causing unemployment to be soaring. “Which should not be, what is dangerous, if large numbers of foreign workers come. Why? Unemployment is still a lot, we also have many skilled workers and can work alone, why do we have to bring in large numbers of foreign workers, “he explained.

4. Ask the government to explain to the public
That, according to SBY, must be explained by the government so that hoaks or false news are not circulated. “So instead of being slander, please either the president, whether the minister, whoever else explains to the people how many foreign workers enter Indonesia, from which country they are and work in what field, “he said.” The President and the Government of Indonesia must defend its people. We have a skilled workforce, too.The government must be brave. Thus, we become a host in our own country, “he concluded.

5. President Jokowi said that national interests are the government’s priority
Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo has repeatedly said national interests are the government’s priority. Perpres No. 20 on Foreign Workers only provides convenience in terms of licensing bureaucratic procedures and processes. According to Jokowi Foreign workers entering the country must still meet certain requirements, as a form of state control over Foreign Workers. “Foreign Workers’ License (TKA) is increasingly easy to boost foreign investment in the country, “Jokowi said as quoted by the official website of the Cabinet Secretary, Monday (23/4). Jokowi also instructed ministries to coordinate and integrate each other in managing the entry of foreign workers (TKA) to Indonesia.