Facts About Strong Women Worker

The only courage is courage that takes us from one moment to another. It’s true that courage is like a weapon that makes us tough against all the fears that hold us in passive situations and conditions.

Wanting to change one’s destiny for the better is the aspiration of many people, and to get good fortune many of us are competing to try their fortune in a place far from family. Here are 6 facts that female workers are “strong”:

1. Sacrificing personal interests
The greatest strength of that woman is the deep love of the family. Someone who loves him so deeply will give him courage. With the capital of determination and courage, they are able to sacrifice their personal interests to struggle to earn a fortune to go abroad for the future of their children.

It is not impossible as long as their soul mates give full trust and keep their promises to remain faithful while they wander. It is very hard indeed, but as time goes by we are required to work hard to achieve a prosperous life.

Despite having to cry in a smile, the woman will still look strong through her days working tirelessly.

2. Trying to be strong even in difficult situations
Motto is better to be a chicken’s head than a dragon’s tail, it is very obvious when we are in a difficult situation. When we decide to become a dragon’s tail, we must be prepared to get lots of great clashes that often hurt us mentally. The desire for the process of life that must be lived.


3. Continue to struggle even if ignored
Because of determination, the woman will continue to struggle even if ignored in other countries. They believe the struggle carried out will definitely produce results. Neglected in their sense as if they were part of a weak group of people when in fact they are hidden pearls that finally shine when they achieve success.

How come many of them eventually became successful entrepreneurs, with the capital they got, they ventured to open restaurants or become successful cattle ranchers. And it is real! Not easy either?

4. A strong drive to change fate
Act as if we really made a difference. I am sure those who choose to work in other countries have almost the same goals. And indeed that is the case, there is such a strong impulse that overcomes doubt because they realize that happiness is created by their own hands. Whatever the form of happiness, they feel they have a responsibility to make life better.

They think then take action when God gives a test in their lives. Acting to make major changes that will ultimately lead to success. A theory that is created without real practice will only disappear in a gust of wind, but a tough woman will definitely take real action, and certainly not just a theory huh?

5. Have high patience
Life contains so many simple blessings. Every day brings its own magic. The woman is patient, waits for time, endures longing, and saves sorrow. His patience makes them able to survive for a long time in the land of people, and they calmly dismiss all dreams with loved ones. Neatly store in the heart and believe the time will come to reunite with them.

There are still many tasks that must be completed, sometimes in the midst of their busy lives they always slip a prayer “may God always give me patience”. That’s a woman, though considered weak but they turned out to be “strong” huh?

6. Has strong talent
Talent is one of God’s gifts, with the talent that is owned will really help us do many activities. for those who work away from home, not only with determination and courage? armed with strong talent is also very necessary to facilitate the work.

For migrant workers they are usually equipped with a lot of training from many things, especially languages. It is difficult indeed, because it has to go through various tests in writing and practice. But indeed this has become one of the processes that must be done. Well? For those of you who work away from home, don’t forget to pray and be very clever to bring yourself huh?