Compatible Laws With Japanese Workers

The Indonesian Parliament Migrant Workers Supervision Team delegation led by Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Fahri Hamzah noted Law No. 18/2017 on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PPMI Law) can answer the needs of various destination countries for the placement of PMI especially Japan.

“Japan is entering the ‘aging population’ phase so the workforce is declining while there is a great need for preparations for the 2020 Olympics. Indonesia must take advantage of this and the PPMI Act carries out the maximum protection function for Indonesian workers,” Fahri Hamzah said in Tokyo on Tuesday (6/11).

1. Japan will add 500 thousand foreign workers
A few days ago, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had approved a bill that made it easier for foreign workers to work in Japan. After the bill is passed, it is estimated there will be an additional 500,000 professional foreign workers who can work in the land of Sakura.

“Japan can be an ideal model (in the treatment of foreign workers) because they have a strict and tiered selection system, very good wages and an internship program is provided,” Fahri Hamzah added.

2. DPR PMI timwas active in visiting various countries
Since the PPMI Law was ratified the Indonesian Parliament PMI Monitoring Team has been actively visiting various countries which are the main objectives of Indonesian workers. In addition to using the opportunity to gather field facts with embassies, employers and suppliers, Timwas PMI also used the opportunity to dialogue with Indonesian workers.

The opportunity to meet the government and parliament of the country visited was used to convey the mandate of the Act and conduct diplomacy for the interests of Indonesia.

3. Providing training for Indonesian workers in Japan
Indonesian Migrant Workers Supervisory Team Indonesian House of Representatives were in Japan for three days starting November 5, 2018 with members of the delegation Abidin Fikri (FPDIP), Ketut Sustiawan (FPDIP), Dave Fikarno (FPG), Andi Fauziah (FPG), Elnino M. Husein (FGERINDRA) , Anton Sukartono (FPD), Saleh Daulay (FPAN), Ahmad Zainuddin (FPKS), Ermalena (FPPP) and Irma Suryani (FNASDEM).

During the supervision work, Timwas held meetings with training providers for Indonesian workers in Japan, meetings with the Japanese Ministry of Manpower, and PMI employers in several sectors. On the sidelines of the agenda, the PMI Timwas met face to face with interns at a metal factory in Seitama and several nurse workers who are currently urgently needed in Japan.